#20 – Allyship Manual: Embrace courageous action

In the final episode of our mini-series on allyship, this week we cover three tangible things you can do to be a true, non-performative ally. In this 3-episode allyship manual arc, we’ve covered what allyship is not and two key practices for shifting to inclusion by default. 

In the season 2 finale, we take inspiration from a popular pandemic pastime – baking – to illustrate three definitive actions that will help make you a better ally:

  1. Drop the defence. Respect someone’s courage when they share their truth.
  2. Don’t be a sheep. You have a voice and it counts.
  3. Don’t make it about you. When someone needs help, turn the focus on them. 

If you’ve just found us, please give us a rating (just hit the star of your choice, no review needed even). In the spirit of self-care, we will be taking a short break before we kick off season 3 on Friday, September 3. Until then, be good to each other and yourselves!

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