EP41 DEIB doesn’t stop at talent attraction with Dr Jim Kanichirayil

Welcome to another episode of ABCDEI, a podcast that explores topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion through stories of distinct and powerful lived experiences.

Today, host Susan Diaz sits down with Dr. Jim Kanichirayil, self-described ‘professional megaphone’, who highlights innovation in DEIB, and HR tech. 

Susan and Dr Jim dive deep into 👇

📝 Why organizations that only look at talent attraction to solve the DEIB problem in the workplace are basically setting money on fire!!

📝 What we need to be thinking about from a people, process, and technology perspective across our entire candidate lifecycle; and not just the front end.

📝 How to avoid binary solutions, and acknowledge nuance, to understand differing positions to lead to productive, equity-oriented conversations.

📝 How remote models for the workplace democratized the access to meaningful work across continents, and now more organizations pushing the agenda of “return to the office” needs to be looked at with caution.

📝 Why we should stop hiding behind ‘safe’ and non-threatening sounding words like ‘microaggression’ and ‘unconscious bias’ in the workplace – because we are at a time when we should be at a higher level of consciousness.

Want a 30-minute listen that is packed with DEIB action-items you can move the needle on right away? You’ve found it. You’ll need a hot beverage and your notebook for this one  ☕️📝

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