Who we are

As two BIPOC immigrant women, we are familiar with some of the barriers to diverse representation in organizational leadership. But despite sharing a lot of common ground, our individual experiences are different


Hi! My name is Rohini. I was born in India, raised in Oman, came to Canada to study biology and stumbled into a fulfilling career in PR. The lack of diverse industry leadership made me curious to learn about what is holding us back and what needs to be done to remove the barriers to true inclusion


Hi! My name is Susan. I’m the founder of a 4-year-old Toronto content marketing firm and the mom of a 9-year old, wicked smart little girl 👧 I’m obsessed with podcasting 🎙 and co-host one called The 4 am Report. I believe inclusion in marketing goes so far beyond ‘the brochure’. It’s in the systems, the delivery, the accountability that lies under. That’s where I hope to make a difference. After a decade of convos on inclusion with Rohini, we decided to do something about it via ABCDEI.

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