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EP32 Change hearts before minds with Victor Rampaderat

“Here’s something else that I realized which is very rarely brought into this conversation is we talk about white privilege and other privileges. Let’s talk about economic privilege. It’s really easy to become out of touch when you’ve started to gain economic privilege. And I know for myself, I’ve lived on both sides of the […]

EP29 I is for Immigrant

The inclusion conversation is not a new conversation. It’s a conversation that can get frustrating. Through 2021 there’s been a sense of urgency from communities outside racialized communities, for example. And that can bring with it tiredness for those who’ve been battling inequalities. We must recognize that fatigue. In this curated episode, Susan Diaz and Rohini […]

EP26 Grace, empathy, and asking for change with Darian Kovacs

How do we open up doors and break down barriers for Indigenous peoples to get work? To get mentorship?  And to be leaders in that sector?    Darian Kovacs asks “what if we equipped Indigenous folx with the best education, the best resources, the best credentials, and let them loose into the world of marketing […]