EP25 How to be a true ally

Most people want to identify as an ‘ally’. Nobody wants to be the bad guy. Being an ally to someone who has been systematically marginalized and diminished isn’t easy. 

In this short primer episode we cover:
The NOs 🛑 
  1. Allyship is not a self-bestowed title. Don’t call yourself an ally!
  2. Allyship is not a box to check on our way to collecting a certain number of ‘woke’ points. 
  3. Allyship is not something that you earn once and keep for life. You need to keep at it, with continuous improvement. 
  4. Allyship is not one-size-fits-all. 
  5. Allyship is not a badge. There’s no Twitter verified check next to it. You do it anyway. Over the next two weeks, we’ll cover
The mindset: 2 key practices for shifting to inclusion by default 
  1.  The discipline of challenging the status quo
  2. Exercising the inclusion muscle everywhere so you’re conscious of who might be left out at any point.  
The action: 3 tangible things you can do to be a true, non-performative ally.
  1. Drop the defense. Respect someone’s courage when they share their truth.
  2. Don’t be a sheep. You have a voice and it counts.
  3. Don’t make it about you. When someone needs help, turn the focus on them.  
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