Unlearning bias,
one alphabet at a time .

DEI has to be

the new ABC

Welcome to ABCDEI, a podcast that explores the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion through stories of distinct and powerful lived experiences.

We are inspired by many incredible people, working hard to make governments, workplaces and philanthropy more inclusive. They are pioneering the evolution from performative, box-checking to real change that can be felt by people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic standing, disability, parental or marital status, religion, geography and any other factor that makes up personal identity.

Through our own educational efforts in this space, the shift from unconscious bias to unconscious inclusion struck a chord with us.

When we think about who embodies unconscious inclusion, our minds immediately rewound to childhood. Children all over the world start their education with the alphabet. It isn’t optional.

DEI has to be the new ABC.

It has transcended nice-to-have territory and been widely accepted as the right thing to do for organizations. If we want to make the world more inclusive, we have to dismantle and unlearn bias.

This podcast is for everyone who has an interest in inclusion, diversity and most importantly, equity. Learn about the barriers, best practices and how to take real action to create inclusive and equitable spaces. If you are tired of the preaching, shaming and theory about why DEI matters and just want to create change already, then you’re in the right place. We hope you will join us as we speak with a diverse set of individuals who are paving the way towards equity. Please subscribe to stay up to date on the conversation.

I’m Susan, I believe that if the communicators – the bards, the lyricists, the artists – stay out of the important stuff, humanity is f^cked.

I’m Rohini, and curiosity leads me. What IS holding us back and what needs to be done to demolish barriers to true inclusion?

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