EP23 M is for Monolith – the need to better representation in the media

Let’s focus on going beneath the surface on the inclusion front, shall we? No matter what the marginalization or points of difference might be, how do you take a step back? Being especially careful in the media to NOT treat any group as a monolith, or stereotype. How can we push ourselves to really focus on distinct and powerful lived experiences, even if the people in question look similar.

In this episode, we’ve curated a few conversations with prominent media voices. 

First, Mohit Rajhans, an early media personality on the Toronto morning television scene, doing great work for representation in the media. 

We also spoke with Ali Kazmi, star of the Oscar-nominated film ‘Funny Boy’, who talked to us about his experiences with typecasting, tokenism, and intentions misunderstood in the film world. 

And finally, Stacey Lee Kong, creator of one of our favorite newsletters, (and one of the best in the country, we’d argue) “Friday Things”. 

3 amazing communicators and artists who dug into the concept of superficiality at various levels and the need to build foundations, not just facades.

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